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Digital Marketing of Doctors

digital marketing for doctors

One of the oldest phrases in India is that doctors are second to god on this earth. This is because doctors save the life of the people who are suffering from the disease. However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes God as complex as a narcissistic personality disorder. The 11th-century Greek physician Galen made a huge influence on the medical knowledge of his time, and also for more than a hundred years afterward. He wrote approximately 500 medical treatises and lectured them widely to many peoples on the topics as diverse as anatomy, physiology, pathology, and diagnosis, as well as psychology and ethics. The medicine which is effective is about more than science. It requires the doctors to understand people and the most important are those patients who visit them and trust the doctors. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality campaigned is to get patients to take a more active role in their health care by asking more questions from doctors about their health issue. The other side that came is that for the doctors to give better, more understandable answers which the patient can understand. However, the studies show that physicians will interrupt a patient after a mere 18 seconds in the room, this might be a tall order.

internet marketing for doctors

About Digital & Internet Marketing of Doctors

In this advanced world, the technology has made much progress and now its time for digital marketing for doctors. The internet marketing of doctors has made easy for the patients to contact any doctor easily. They can tell their problem online to the doctors and will get a perfect solution for their problems or disease. The digital marketing of doctors has made much progress and people have faith in them. Now just as digital marketing of doctors, many apps have been designed for the patient to contact the doctor. People can get the best medical app for the doctors on play store and app store both. The best medical app for doctors provides an instant solution for the doctors and patient can fix their appointments with doctors by using the app only. It has made the work much easier for the patients.

online reputation management for doctors

Online Reputation Management of Doctors

Now a point arises what is the online reputation management of doctors, how can we believe in online doctors whether they are fake or not. One can also check the rating of the doctors which is done by other people who have taken the treatment earlier from the doctor. All the doctors who are digitally connected are certified, doctors. The online reputation management of doctors is as good as the doctors who treat the patient in the hospitals. According to a survey in 2016, about 54 percent of customers search for a doctor online on a weekly or monthly basis for their problems or disease. This figure is much likely to grow by 2020 because the patients are spending much time by searching for the doctors online. This shows the online reputation management of doctors. More than fifty percent search for their doctors online. For more information call us at 9555414414.


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